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Why Time and Attendance Tracking Software is Essential For Your Company

Time and Attendance Tracking Software has been the most straightforward method of measuring labor and calculating rewards. In today's world, it is frequently utilized as a source of critical data on how to work with anyone working. On what may be improved as well as which work process trends deserve greater attention. This critical data is collected and analyzed using advanced time tracker technologies.

Use of Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Every business organization has a different perspective on employee management. For others, using this software is for reporting the working hours and to calculate productivity and sales. In every industry, time and attendance tracking are essential. Automating the process can reduce costs and improve operations for all industries. Nowadays more and more employees are working from home, from remote offices, and on the go. So, this method can prove beneficial to a business, but it can also make employee time tracking difficult.

Attendance keeper software enables organizations to create comprehensive reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flex time, and holiday leave to understand how employees manage their time.

Advantages of Time and Attendance Software

You must use time and productivity tracking software for the following reasons:

Increase the productivity and security

Utilizing automated software increases employees' productivity and security. As operations are enhanced, and processes are seamless. This results in an extensive improvement of efficiency and convenience.

Gives satisfaction to employee

Maintaining a satisfied workforce begins with scheduling and handling requests for time off. Employee satisfaction can result in a dramatic decrease in employee turnover. With automated systems, you can manage the plans to minimize the effect on your company.

Error Reduction

In addition to reducing the risk of human error, time and attendance software provide a simple, impartial and orderly way to address specific needs without causing misunderstandings.

Comply With the Law

Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is essential. The act establishes the pay rates for hourly work and overtime.

Additionally, you need to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act to ensure your employees are safe at work. Various other laws regulate workers' compensation laws and employee protection laws.


What makes time and attendance software so important?

Every company has two business fronts: the one that is visible to customers and the one that is visible to employees. Without your workforce, your business cannot be productive or successful. For this reason, you need to have access to your employees' attendance records.

Despite its seeming insignificance, employee attendance has a direct correlation with overhead costs. With high absenteeism, for instance, employers tend to spend more on recruiting and onboarding employees.

Every business must keep track of time and attendance because it empowers decision-making. Forecasting sales, labor demand, and the number of hours given to your workers rely heavily on attendance and time management.

Additionally, if absenteeism is a problem, you could have a turnover issue and staffing problems. Micromanagement may result in poor company culture and low morale among your employees.

That's where your payroll program must be compatible with a time and attendance system. To ensure everyone is agreeable, it is essential to include your HR leaders when evaluating time clocks.

Solutions for today's business environment:

  • Fully automate a labor-intensive, yet the essential process for everyday operations to
  • Gain a competitive edge. You cannot run a business without employees working.
  • Using real-time employee data is crucial for achieving this task. We have got
  • Time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and HR management are all under one roof!

Individual effects using Time and Attendance Tracking Software

However, simply possessing the data is insufficient. Its thorough examination is required to get the best findings and judgments. The complete picture of our time costs, performance, and workday split is shown by combining our time monitoring data. It's simpler to comprehend significant patterns and see work dynamics by comparing similar data from current and prior eras. This data aids in identifying potential weak areas as well as increasing production and efficiency.

Overcoming procrastination: Being aware of how much time you typically spend on everyday chores and on items that divert your attention away from work may be quite beneficial in eliminating big distractions. When you know how much time you spent on Facebook and YouTube yesterday, it's much simpler to quit checking social media every 10 minutes and viewing amusing videos on the Internet.

Knowing your productivity: When it comes to calculating and analyzing productivity, performance, and work results, timesheet data is the most essential source of data. In the knowledge-based economy, productivity measures are frequently ambiguous, but work time data, as the clearest and most comprehensible component, give information.

Keep track: Tracking work time is an effective technique to boost productivity, particularly for self-employed people who decide what they want to accomplish during the day and have significant procrastination issues. Have you ever wondered what you might do instead of watching TV episodes or videos on YouTube? There are so many of them that we conducted a study on the subject.

Disadvantages of a Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Even while time monitoring data may be quite useful to managers and business owners, some organizations still opt not to include it into their workflow. Some of the reasons they don't keep track of their work hours include:

  • Inconvenient and time-consuming;
  • Necessitates excessive effort.
  • Takes up too much time and slows the team down;
  • Employees believe they are being micromanaged;
  • In various cases, many neglects to fill out timesheets.

To summarise, timekeeping offers vital data to businesses, teams, and people, aids in planning and forecasting, and improves overall work performance. The appropriate organization of the process and ensuring that the employees understand why keeping track of time spent on work is vital for everyone are two critical elements here.

Keep it simple

It's not unusual for time tracking to take a lot of time and effort. Make sure that tracking time does not take up too much time if your goal is to optimize work processes for both individuals and teams.

  • Choose a product that is simple to use and does not need a lengthy and time-consuming onboarding procedure;
  • Set up a system for recording normal hours, overtime, and absences;
  • Employees should be informed of the procedure. And needs to be documented. To ensure that your staff complete timesheets on time.
  • Add some positive motivation to the time tracking process. The best approach to inspire employees relies on your profession, the culture of your office, and the preferences of your team members.

Over time, time tracking has progressed from being a simple and intuitive tool to determine labor quantities to a crucial data source verging on business intelligence. Many specialized solutions are now available to help manage and enhance the time tracking process. They enable the collection of data that is beneficial to all parties involved, including ordinary employees, managers, and customers.


Utilizing time and attendance records for the analysis of overhead costs is never too late. To prepare your business for a new fiscal year, you need to review your productivity. Moreover, it is essential that employees can request time off and sick days through employee attendance software. The supervisors can "punch in" from their smartphones or computers rather than calling in. Automating time off tasks by using the Employee Self-Service module helps ease workloads.

Whether you need help determining what is best for your organization or need time and attendance management software, The Attendance keeper is there to help. Contact us today to learn more!