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Elevate workforce efficiency with Attendance Keeper's advanced tracking and management tools


Biometric Authentication

Secure, Fast and Efficient Employee Identification & Authentication.

Live Location Tracking

Real-Time Employee Location Insights and Geofencing.

Agile Project Management

Streamline Tasks, Collaborate Effectively, and Boost Productivity.

PC Monitoring

Gain Improved Supervision over Workstation Activities with Desktop App.
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Essential Features Elevating Attendance Keeper's Impact for Your Business.

Explore how Attendance Keeper transforms HR management, from time tracking to advanced analytics
Advanced Recognition
Meeting & Events
Live Location Activity
Advanced Recognition
Unlock heightened security and accuracy with our fast biometric attendance systems, quick face ID, and accurate fingerprints for unparalleled reliability. Say goodbye to obsolete time-card and manual systems, and enter a new era of efficiency and reliability.
Fast and secure cloud-based attendance management
Real-Time Attendance notification Alerts
Eliminate proxy attendance.
No extra device is required.
Advanced biometric solutions
maximum accuracy and security


Modernize Your HR Experience with Seamless Cross-Platform Access.

Built for everyone, No Matter the Device or OS

Seamless HR Management
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Maximize your HR capabilities across all devices: Our mobile app is readily downloadable from both the App Store and Google Play Store, bringing a world of convenience to both iOS and Android users.
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Stay Connected and
Informed: Monitor PC
Activity with Ease

Desktop Application Enables Seamless Remote Oversight and Detailed Insights into User Interactions, Ensuring Comprehensive Monitoring Across Devices and Locations for Enhanced Productivity and Security.

Powerful Web Application

Transform Your Work Environment with Our Comprehensive Suite of Web Applications, Providing Agile, Collaborative, and Customizable Solutions Tailored to Address Every Need Across Varied Workflows, Industries, and Organizational Structures, Empowering Teams to Achieve Optimal Efficiency, Seamless Communication, and Enhanced Productivity, Anytime, Anywhere.


We have worked with thousands

Created first for us and then made available to others.
We are using Attendance Keeper to analyze the productivity of our staffs for our clients and for tracking our attendances. Sometimes we show these data to our clients - that makes understanding a lot easier with our clients.
Victor Okoro
@Logistics, Alamo Apparel
I was anxious about switching over. But it was a very seamless process. My favorite thing is that it’s super easy to input all the info. The times that I’ve had questions, I’ve shot over an email and I get information back right away.
MD Khan
@Director, Rough And Tough
In one week all my staffs have gotten used to using Attendance Keeper. It’s fast accurate and very user-friendly. I love their support team, especially during the transition period. They helped us every step of the way.
T Hos
T Hossain
@CEO, WestAceDirector, Rough And Tough
I was looking for a robust employee management system that could grow with me, easy to use and wouldn’t break the bank. I chose Attendances Keeper and have been surprised and delighted with everything from the software itself to the patience.
David Staudinger
@Chief Financial Officer, Blauerhafen
Attendance keeper offers a powerful suite of tools that every organization must-have. Their support team is always helpful and there to help you out. We are using Attendance Keeper to manage all our employees’ attendances.
MD Zahid
@Director, AFS Fashion
With the attendance Keeper software employee and attendance management tasks are now easy and effective. There are numerous project management tools, to-do applications, and online system available.
August Herndon
@Chief Technology Officer, WestAce London


We have worked with thousands

Join thousands already relying on our HRM software. Manage attendance, tasks, and work logs effortlessly with the Attendance Keeper app

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Projects Managed

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