The Most InterectiveEmployee Management System
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A Web-based Employee Management System

We help you manage and monitor your in-office and remote employees.


Modern and Minimalistic

We designed attendance keeper to be simple and modern enough to start using from day one.


Real-time Update

All the information gets updated in real-time, so you can have all your key information at your fingertip.


All In One System

Attendance keeper combines all your key departments into one system instead of having multiple system.

Install Desktop App
Install Desktop App

Our software allows your employees to give attendance and it also takes screenshots to increase productivity.

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Facial Recognition System

With Attendance Keeper you can easily clock in and clock out using our Facial Recognition System.

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Live Activity Screenshot

Live Activity Screenshots feature capture sudden periodic screenshots during working hours for monitoring purpose.

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Live Activity Screenshot
Authorised Device Access Only
Authorised Device Access Only

You can only use Attendance Keeper from devices that have been registered with our code.

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Complete HR Solutions

Employee-related information can be securely stored in a single location and HR tasks automated with 24/7.

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HR Solutions
Generate ReportsGenerate Reports
Generate Reports

Attendance Keeper lets you generate various real-time reports with valuable insightful information on demand.

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Salary Calculation

Attendance Keeper cleverly calculates gross pay based on the time you clock in and clock out.

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Salary calculation
Task Manager
Task Manager

Our Task Manager feature would allow you to manage and allocate your tasks more efficiently and productively.

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Employee’s Portal

Employees own a web-based personal portal for all the relevant information needed in one place.

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Employee Portal
What people say
We have received tons of awesome testimonials
T Hossain

We are using Attendance Keeper to analyse the productivity of our staffs for our clients and for tracking our attendances. Sometimes we show these data to our clients - that makes understanding a lot easier with our clients.

Victor Okoro Logistics,Alamo Apparel
Tarikul Khan

I was anxious about switching over. But it was a very seamless process. My favourite thing is that it’s super easy to input all the info. The times that I’ve had questions, I’ve shot over an email and I get information back right away.

MD Khan Director , Rough And Tough
Victor Okoro

In one week all my staffs have gotten used to using Attendance Keeper. It's fast accurate and very user friendly. I love their support team, especially during the transition period. They helped us every step of the way.

T Hossain CEO, WestAce
David Staudinger

I was looking for a robust employee management system that could grow with me, easy to use and wouldn’t break the bank. I chose Attendances Keeper and have been surprised and delighted with everything from the software itself to the patience and care of their support team.

David Staudinger Chief Financial Officer , Blauerhafen
Amy Griffin

Attendance keeper offers a powerful suite of tools that every organisation must-have. Their support team is always helpful and there to help you out. We are using Attendance Keeper to manage all our employees' attendances.

MD Zahid Director , AFS Fashion
Rough and Tough
Afs Fashion
Blauer Hafen
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