How to Track Undertime and Overtime of Employees?

By Al-Amin Shourov

Jul 21, 2022

Sometimes 8 hours a day is not enough to complete the work requirement which causes the extension of deadlines, which leads to burden and overtime for other teammates. However, employees may not like to work longer than their working hours. But there will be a situation when you need to put some extra effort into their work. Especially during seasonal days, you may have more workload pending on your table. And some of your employees may have already taken their leaves. Being an owner of a company, you also may not like overtime either you need to manage the work on time with accuracy. Having all concerns in mind, in the end, you give extra wages to employees. One of the main questions that arise in your mind is – how to track overtime accurately? Are they put their maximum efforts to complete the task on time? To get the answers to such questions, please continue reading this whole blog. 

Use time tracking software

The law of overtime pay may depend upon the country to country. Being an employer, you must track the accuracy of employees' work time and compensate for their efforts accordingly. To track the time, you can implement any Employee Time Tracker Software for your business, which provides you with the exact information about your employees' working hours. Many corporate and IT industries have implemented time tracking software in their business to measure their employees' work time. Through the help of this software, you can measure both the under and overtime of the employees. 

Calculate overtime and holiday

Besides the regular working hours, if employees are giving their extra time and effort, it counts as overtime. Every year in a seasonal time, the business is on boost and requires extra efforts from the employees' side. But that is the time when lots of employees want to take leaves. In some countries, there are some special laws and protocols for overtime during the seasonal time. And the employees could get better compensation for their efforts. 


Measure productivity 

What's the meaning of pay overtime wages when you are not getting productivity at the end of the day? You have to consider another factor before giving overtime earning opportunities to your employees is tracking their production rate. If they produce enough results in the expected time frame, it won't cause any trouble for you, as they complete given tasks before reaching the deadlines.  

Managing the workload

Workload management is another factor to consider while tracking the productivity of employees. Of course, it is essential to keep note of when you have assigned the tasks and how much time it will take to complete them correctly. Due to heavy working schedules, employers and employees cannot measure all the tasks and projects. In such cases, they can use project-based Time & Attendance Solutions to be aware of the overtime required to finish their workload. 


Tracking under and overtime is a crucial matter to consider. Even if you kept the record of overtime working hours of your employees by yourself, it would be extremely challenging when you have to manage and everything. That's why you must invest in implementing the right tools that can accurately track the work time and overtime in a business.