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Ultimate Feature for Time and Attendance Solution

Employees are bound to become inattentive while on the job. When they are feeling down, they could check their social media profiles, talk with colleagues, or take longer coffee breaks. They can even do it on purpose during working hours when they are expected to be productive. Of course, if ignored, this can result in a waste of time and financial loss.

Every year, firms lose more than a hundred billion dollars in compensation paid to employees for idle time, according to a Harvard Business School report. As a result, it is critical for businesses to track how much time their employees spend online or away from their workstations.

How to make time and attendance software work for you

Attendance management may be a source of inconvenience for many businesses, particularly distributed businesses, startups, and remote employees. In essence, it is all about keeping track of how many hours each employee worked. This is how you can assure accurate salary while also increasing the efficiency of your staff.

Attendance Keeper automates attendance procedure, removing the possibility of human mistakes and also any fraudulent activities. Employees can clock in and clock out using our Facial Recognition System, which only takes a few seconds. Attendance Keeper also calculates your employees' salaries in real-time and generates informative reports on demand. This application also tracks sick leave, how productive an employee has been, vacation days, holidays, and paid time off, allowing you to simply keep track of all your employee's remaining days off.

Attendance Keeper also allows you to keep track of people's schedules and real hours worked. That way, you can ensure that each employee is working on activities that are a good fit for them and prevent wasting time on things that aren't.


PRO TIP #1: When selecting attendance software, ensure that it eliminates buddy check-in or proxy clock-in. 

PRO TIP #2: Your attendance system should be accessible 24/7 without any hardware installation or any restrictions based on an individual’s access level. 

PRO TIP #3: Your Attendance system should be an integrated part of your organization that brings all your core necessity features into one system.

That is how you can make an Attendance System work for you no matter how big or small your business is or where your employees are located.

Top Time and Attendance Solutions for Your Company

With Attendance Keeper, keeping track of attendance is easier than ever. This user-friendly application has several features that allow you to track as well as time off and weekly hour restrictions. While thorough, Attendance Keeper is not invasive to employees.

Usability: Its simple, straightforward design, as well as various customization choices, make it easy to enrol your staff. Tracking hours with Attendance Keeper is as simple as starting and stopping a timer, resulting in a more seamless learning experience for your staff.

Reporting: Automatic reports may be modified, filtered, and downloaded based on various parameters. Reports may be seen for individuals, teams, or the entire company based on weekly restrictions, attendance, and other criteria. The attendance records make it simple to obtain project work hours, allowing you to assess the profitability of client labour.

Support: Guides, FAQs, and prompt support provide a smooth tool experience. Chat, email, and support requests provide customer care.

Cost: Our price plan starts from $12.99 per month and also currently we are offering free 60 days trial period. 

Wrap Up

Finally, you must pick the Attendance Management Software that costs only a few dollars a month and allows users to check the schedule and connect to your employees. Even if your company is small, seek these capabilities because it is necessary to track your employees' attendance and implement an Employee Management System.