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Employee Management System software: Blessing or Curse for productivity

Employee Management System is a software that enables you to estimate the time consumed on a specific task or project. There are several kinds of employee monitoring systems available depending on the requirements that you need. It enables you to record and monitor your plans and set reminders of employees for your everyday activities. The use of time tracking software in the business world is to manage or monitor the attendance of your employees in the company. 

Some are simply utilizing it to record timesheets and generate reports. There is also a different variety of software that can integrate with your accounting system and creates your account summaries. But using such kind of tool could be a blessing or a curse; it depends upon your employee management system. Keep reading to clear out all your concerns regarding employee tracking software or the use of technology to increase productivity.

How Can an Employee Management Software System Be a Blessing?

No doubt, employee management software is a blessing for many organizations due to the following reasons:

It will keep things fair

Managing a workforce comes up with its fair share of difficulties. It is tough to know when employees start working on their tasks. It is hard to notice if they are working on their job and to verify the time they consumed on a specific job. These are a few challenges you need to overcome. When you're dealing with a remote workforce and can't manage them in person. They won't have to support themselves and prove that they were working on tasks. Employers can reference their monitoring device and check it directly!

It creates appropriate standards at the workplace

Ideally, your onboarding process should define what is online activities are allowed during working hours. You may even have mandatory firewalls that block certain apps and websites to enforce this. When it comes to remote employees it is challenging to justify blocking certain websites particularly if you aren't providing a separate company computer. For example, you can't block Facebook, as employees probably require using it during their free time, right! But at the same time how do you assure that your employees only access time pass websites during free time? So in this kind of situation employee tracking software works.

Protect your company against conflicts

Monitoring your employees can also assist you to avoid conflict when working with freelancers and clients. If you use a monitoring tool that gives you accurate records of time spent on projects, you can use it as proof when billing clients. As they can check the time spent, they won't have any concerns with the hours they are charged for.

Why Computer Tracking Software Could Be a Curse? 


Privacy Concerns

Employee Management System gets up with its fair part of potential privacy matters. Most of the employees have negative concerns that you're monitoring even their non-working hours. They have an objection that their private chats are being recorded and that their private passwords are in danger. Sometimes employers control their employees without knowing them. And that is not good to spy or follow up employees or monitor their computer activities without their permission or consent. If you're using a monitoring tool that will control your employees without their consent, we could suggest you stop it immediately. As you're placing yourself up for tons of judicial complications and ruined trust between you and your employees. Remember, you want your monitoring software to be viewed as a level of productivity tool that doesn't go for a Big Brother type spying method or tool. Once you assist your employees to understand this, they will be keener to comply with it. 

Trust issues

When your employees discover that you'll be using a monitoring tool, chances are, they'll feel like all of their prior work counts for nothing and that you require spying on them because you will still doubt their commitment towards work. It will begin a toxic work environment, diminished employees confidence and potentially higher employee turnover. After all, nobody wants to feel like that at work. You can only manage this with how you present your employee monitoring software. First, let them know that this is the primary policy of the company from now. It isn't personal or targeted at them everyone in a company from juniors to senior management leads.

Final words

The crucial thing is that you assess all the factors before implementing an employee management system and you'll be good to go. But after considering these, one of the most significant aspects is affordability. A product can be the best in the world, but if it does not fit into your budget, then it is useless for you.