How to Select the Best Time and Attendance Software

By Masud Rumii

Jul 18, 2022

Attendance management is a critical function of any human resources, and it is important to manage your employees' attendance to control productiveness and efficiency. A good attendance rate in an organization reflects an attractive work culture and maximizes your profits indirectly. But manual attendance management or tracking through manually generated sheets leads huge burden on staff members. There are lots of attendance keeper software to minimize the burden and to maintain accuracy in completing attendance timesheets. But you have to choose the software which is best for your business. Keep reading to know all the requirements of the best Attendance Management Software for your organization.

Here is some requirement for the best attendance tracker for your organization

Automated attendance tracking system

Maintaining exact and timely time analysis for payroll purposes is the most difficult of a manual time tracking system. If the process of approval of organization documents requires different stages of review, this will result in further delays in the processing of payroll records. Also, an automated attendance tracking system allows for the quick recording of attendance data obtained immediately by interested bodies for approval. It also speeds up the process of payrolls by providing exact and timely attendance data to staff members.

Integration with other tools

The attendance processing system is more effective if it is done in real-time. Employees and managers solve their problems as soon as possible, not at the end of the month. Also, attendance record plays a massive role in payroll and other processes. It is always easy to work with the payrolls to integrate attendance tracking software into payroll management software and the like. Integration is one of the best factors that will determine the effectiveness of the software. It also helps to consolidate the tasks. Investing in employee management software will have to save your company and your employees valuable time. You will be able to automate the employee's attendance and time tracking to stand-alone payroll. Though tacking down the number of hours they worked against the number of tasks they have completed, you could be able to measure the productivity and the quality of their work. Every manager and superior in the hierarchy will check and monitor employees assigned task productiveness.

Convenient platform for both employees and employer

You spend lots of money to buy an Attendance Management Software system for your organization, it makes it senseless if it is a complicated system that you or your employees fail to use it. So you have to look for a less complicated and more convenient attendance control system software. Also, consider your organization's unique requirements whenever purchasing the attendance management system. Finally, you have to provide technical training for your employees if required to minimize conflict and confusion among them, especially among those who aren’t technically proficient.

Choose web-based system

With the help of web-based human resource management software that monitors, collects, stores, and displays current timesheets, HR managers can get rid of spreadsheets and paper files. Timesheets and employee attendance data which is stored in a centralized cloud-based HR software. A web-based presence management system will eliminate missed frames and incorrect time entries and maintain accurate presence records with little or no monitoring. Employees do not want to scroll through the stacks of timesheets to process payrolls or re-establish staff time. The web-based system displays all the essential time-related information on a single screen. It saves time and effort for HR management as they're done manually storing, maintaining timesheets and analysing all attendance records.

An efficient automated HR management system allows:

  • Increase accuracy.
  • Ensuring data integrity.
  • Increasing the productivity of employees
  • Reduce costs and expenses
  • Increase efficiency of HR management

The quick and fast work evaluation process

Employees can access information about their working hours and attendance, and they can check their work results. As a result, they can evaluate their work progress, and you have to work harder. Self-service will also allow managers to analyse and validate the attendance data. Managers can check the number of leaves, work progress and productiveness, and several leaves. This will enable managers to monitor employees' work progress and give them possible if required. In short, implementing the self-service solution if needed. Implementing a self-service solution offers employees the freedom to look at their performance and hard work in the future. Also, this will helps to lead to effective communication between the managers and employees.

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At last, you have to choose the Attendance Management Software that costs just a few dollars per month and allow users to view the schedule and connect to their mobile phone. Also, look for that software with scorecard or clock features that can track start and end time and pauses of employees during working hours. Still, look for these features if there is a small organization as it is mandatory to monitor your employee's productiveness.