Best Task Management App to Work Smarter

By Kazi Azim

Jul 20, 2022

Time management has been studied, discussed, and examined thoroughly since the industrial revolution and is probably the most effective way of increasing productivity at work. Managing your time in the office helps to increase your work productivity. Although anyone can complete the task on their own. A team's success and satisfaction are measured when the work is done within the expected timeline.

To complete the project within its deadline, nowadays modern managers use various time management strategies such as setting reminders, being punctual in the office, planning the overall approach to complete the task, and many more. To be on time, businesses use various attendance apps for employees to meet their deadlines.

The work-life balance approach is beneficial in the case of task management. Suppose a person can manage their work and life equally. In that case, it leads to repetitive corrections, distractions, and innumerable things that will waste your time, including stressful life and imbalance in work and life. Task management tools can help you in this way to improve your working routine. If you are the one who wants to accomplish balance in your working life, you need to choose the best app for Task Management.

Time management is an important part of a manager's job but simply implementing a few time-management techniques won't necessarily change your overall productivity. 

Here are some of the best time management apps available today.

Attendance Keeper

It is a web-based employee management system to manage and monitor your in-office and remote employees. The Attendance Keeper is designed to be simple and modern enough so that any person can use this web-based app to manage their team. 

Moreover, this software provides you with real-time based data. Wherever you log in, you can retrieve your work-related data easily.


Evernote is an advanced tool available even for free users. This app can store everything you could imagine, like a receipt, an article you want to read later, a to-do list, and even a simple note. Also, the application syncs everything to keep between your computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

In addition, Evernote is OCR compatible means, and if you have a premium account, Ever note will also use OCR to allow you to search the content of PDF files.


Timely is an automatic time tracking application that helps to record everything you work on using its magical memory tracker. It helps to make time entries for your recorded work. 

Moreover, timely hold you accountable for the amount of time you set apart from work. It creates reports for easy communication of your time data. This app also gives you a more realistic idea of how many projects you are handling at one time.


Forest app is excellent for those people who like some game-like visual inspiration to keep them focused. It is a clean, simple, and user-friendly interface designed to track your progress throughout the week. 

The app consisting of collaborative features to invites friends and family to join. It is also supportable for mobile, iOS, Android, and most common web browsers.

Final Decision

Above discussed apps are the top best employee attendance apps with advanced features related to tracking the employee attendance timesheet, daily worksheet, and project and saving the employee's detail in one platform. This real-time-based app can be accessed from anywhere, either from the office or from a remote location. Using this application software, employees can improve their work performance and achieve more in their work productivity. You can also prioritize the tasks according to their preference and deadline date. Last but not least, using these task management applications, employees can divide their work into different time slots. In contrast, using a system like an employee attendance tracker gives a manager insight into where you can improve your team's working habits.